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Minnesota Leather Pride announces first ever Minnesota Leather Sir/boy contest

Minnesota Leather Pride is excited to announce they are producing a contest for a new set of leather titles: Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy. The formal announcement of the titles will take place on Friday, June 13 at "A Grimm Fairy Tale" Fashion Show and Bootblack Party (part of Minnesota Leather Pride June event series) with the first contest for the new titles happening in April 2015.
With support of the local leather community and volunteers eager to help organized the contest, Minnesota Leather Pride acquired the rights to the titles early this year. Other contest titles may be announced at a later date.
"Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy will be unique titles, different from our current local titles, because it highlights power exchange, the roles of Sirs and boys, the service lifestyle, and how people play," said Tim Holden aka Sir M, chair of the Minnesota Leather Sir/boy Committee and member of the Minnesota Leather Pride board. "These titles offer something different to people who may feel the titles that compete at International Mr. Leather are not the right fit for them."
Contestants for Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy would go on to complete at Great Lakes Leather Alliance for the regional titles of Great Lakes Leather Sir and Great Lakes Leather boy. Winners of the regional titles then compete for International LeatherSIR and International Leatherboy in Dallas, TX. 
To be consistent with the qualifications of GLLA and ILSb, contestants must identify as gay males and own all the leather they wear during the contest. 
Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy will draw strongly on the history behind the international contest. As described on the ILSb website: "You might say we're the 'bad boys' of leather contests....Both the contest and the titles are about the representation of the sexual side of the leather community. Our goals include networking and outreach to help educate the community about leather folk, our erotic expression, traditions and history - and of course, hot leather sex!"
Watch for updates on our Minnesota Leather Sir/boy contest page!

Take Minnesota Leather Pride with you on your mobile device

Holy mobility, Batman! Minnesota Leather Pride has created a Yapp app so you can have access to information and events when you are on the go! 

Yapp is available for iOS and Android. First, download the Yapp app to your mobile device.

Once the download is complete, then click the link or go to:

The link will bring to you to the Minnesota Leather Pride app where you will have access to information about dog tags and a schedule at a glance, detailed information about each June event, a list of our sponsors, our Twitter feed, the News Feed where you can interact with other MNLP Yapp app users, meet the MNLP board and learn more about MNLP.

Come #FlyYourFlag at #MNLP14 events and on the go!


Minnesota Leather Pride Announces June Events

June is going to be a busy month for leather and kink enthusiasts! Minnesota Leather Pride kicks off over two weeks of events on June 13 with “A Grimm Fairy Tale” leather/kink fashion show and bootblack party at 8 p.m. at Camp Bar (co-sponsored by Minnesota Ladies of Leather). Events are scheduled through the remainder on the month ending with the popular Twin Cities Pride parade on June 29 when members of our community cone together to carry the huge leather pride flag down Hennepin Ave.

Other events include:

June 7Shock and Awe sponsored by the Electrical Play Group

June 14 - Kink U Masterclass: Dom/sub discussion sponsored by Titans of the Midwest

June 15 - Bondage Slam sponsored by MSDB

June 19 - “You Say Kink, I Say Leather” Part 2 sponsored by PEPRMNT

June 21 - “Customs, Conventions and Protocols” and “The Art of Flogging” sponsored by Leather Journey

June 23 - The 8th Annual Leather Pride Anthology sponsored by D/s Minnesota

June 24 - MNLP Swap Meet sponsored by MAsT: Twin Cities

June 26 - The Smoker sponsored by the Atons of Minneapolis

June 27 - Floggapolooza sponsored by the Knights of Leather

June 28-29 - Pride in the Park

June 29 - Twin Cities Pride Parade

Please see the Events page for more details!

Minnesota Leather Pride 2014 "Fly Your Flag" Dog Tags Now Available

2014 Minnesota Leather Pride Dog TagThe newest Minnesota Leather Pride (MNLP) dog tags are now on sale! Dog tags are $7 each for local community members and can be purchased from a member of the Minnesota Leather Pride board or at Twin Cities Leather & Latte.

Wearing your MNLP 2014 "Fly Your Flag" dog tag can get your discounted admission at some MNLP events for the remainder of the year, including some events coming up in June. Don't delay - supplies are limited!

The stunning dog tags feature this year's theme "Fly Your Flag" which was chosen by the community at large earlier this year. The front side features the colors of the leather pride flag - blue, white, black and red. The back side is a bold black and silver.

Want to see more of the dog tags? Check out our video:


Show us your leather pride! Snap photos wearing your new dog tag and share them on FetLife, Facebook or your favorite social media. Use #MNLP14 #FlyYourFlag when posting your pics!

Newsflash! Twin Cities Leather & Latte are now taking orders for the 2014 Minnesota Leather Pride Dog Tag over the phone for $12.50 (includes shipping and handling). Call them at 612-756-9TCL (9825) to place your order.

Minnesota Leather Prides Wants You To Eat Out!

Dining Out for Life


April 24 is Dining Out for Life where participating restaurants will donate a percentage of proceeds to support The Aliveness Project - a community center serving over 1,700 people living with HIV.

Head over to their web page to volunteer or find restaurants so you can Dine Out. Do Good. April 24!

Visit the Dining Out for Life page for Minneapolis / St. Paul / Greater MN for more details on teh 240 participating restaurants.