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With Great Lakes Leather Alliance weekend just around the corner, Minnesota Leather Pride unveiled an significant update to the Contests section of our website. 

Clicking on Contests will give you some background information about leather contests as well as a list of current contests.

As announced in June of this year, Minnesota Leather Pride is producing a brand new set of titles: Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy. The inagural contest is April 4, 2015 at The Saloon. Winners of the Minnesota Leather Sir/Minnesota Leather boy contests will go on to compete for the regional titles Great Lakes Leather Sir/Great Lakes Leather boy. 

To learn more about Minnesota Leather Sir/Minnesota Leather boy, go to:

Exciting news from Titans of the Midwest as they announced that International Master/slave 2014 Michael and angie will be participating in the Kink U Masterclass: Dom/sub Discussion this Saturday.

Full text of the Titans announcement: 

We are particularly pleased to have two regional title holders present at this event to contribute their own perspectives on their Power Exchange relationship. International Master/slave Michael Chgo and Angie Chgo.

Master Michael and slave angie have been living the Master/slave dynamic for ten years, a relationship based on service, leather, responsibility, love and respect. They've raised a family, dealt with serious health issues, and faced the challenges that engaging in a Master/slave dynamic can bring. They've put in a lot of sweat equity into living something that means so much to them, as well as learning to share their experiences with others, teaching when asked to. They continue to learn daily what it means to be Master/slave, as they never stop exploring the potential within themselves and what they have together. Michael and angie are proud to be International Master/slave 2014. Michael is co-director for MAsT: Greater Chicago, co-founder of Chicago Leathermen’s Group and a Chicago Hellfire McAdory committee member. Angie is Treasurer for the Chicago Leather Club and a former board member of LRA Chicago.


Now giving you more ways to #FlyYourFlag, Minnesota Leather Pride has t-shirts and other apparel available in our new Cafepress store:

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Right after announcing the first ever Minnesota Leather Sir/boy contest coming in April 2015, Minnesota Leather Pride was informed of a new group having their first meet up (munch) - the Twin Cities boys of Leather!

The invitation on Facebook states:

Are you a boy? Are you "boy curious"? Are you a Sir looking to mentor/educate/enjoy the company of boys? 

Come on down to the EagleBoltBar for their infamous 3-4-1s, hang out for awhile, and enjoy good company and good conversation!

Minnesota Leather Pride is excited to announce they are producing a contest for a new set of leather titles: Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy. The formal announcement of the titles will take place on Friday, June 13 at "A Grimm Fairy Tale" Fashion Show and Bootblack Party (part of Minnesota Leather Pride June event series) with the first contest for the new titles happening in April 2015.
With support of the local leather community and volunteers eager to help organized the contest, Minnesota Leather Pride acquired the rights to the titles early this year. Other contest titles may be announced at a later date.
"Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy will be unique titles, different from our current local titles, because it highlights power exchange, the roles of Sirs and boys, the service lifestyle, and how people play," said Tim Holden aka Sir M, chair of the Minnesota Leather Sir/boy Committee and member of the Minnesota Leather Pride board. "These titles offer something different to people who may feel the titles that compete at International Mr. Leather are not the right fit for them."
Contestants for Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy would go on to complete at Great Lakes Leather Alliance for the regional titles of Great Lakes Leather Sir and Great Lakes Leather boy. Winners of the regional titles then compete for International LeatherSIR and International Leatherboy in Dallas, TX. 
To be consistent with the qualifications of GLLA and ILSb, contestants must identify as gay males and own all the leather they wear during the contest. 
Minnesota Leather Sir and Minnesota Leather boy will draw strongly on the history behind the international contest. As described on the ILSb website: "You might say we're the 'bad boys' of leather contests....Both the contest and the titles are about the representation of the sexual side of the leather community. Our goals include networking and outreach to help educate the community about leather folk, our erotic expression, traditions and history - and of course, hot leather sex!"
Watch for updates on our Minnesota Leather Sir/boy contest page!