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Minnesota Leather Pride is seeking sponsors for 2015. "The support of the of clubs, groups, business and leather/kink/BDSM friendly organizations has been vital in helping Minnesota Leather Pride fulfill our mission," said 2015 Event Chair Ryan Brown. "Minnesota Leather Pride is honored to have steadfast supporters."

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A large crowd had gathered for to see the spectical that was Mr/Miss Catastrophe (People you would not expect to see in drag) fundraiser on January 10 at The Saloon. In addition to the hilarity and horror (gasp!) of the contest, attendees were treated to a big surprise - a first look at the Minnesota Leather Pride 2015 dog tag design!

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Four possible themes were presented for six weeks of voting to the Minnesota leather/kink/BDSM community and now the results are in; "American Leather Story" is the theme for Minnesota Leather Pride in 2015!

The theme, which references the popular TV series "American Horror Story," was suggested by community member Andrew Bertke.

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As in past years, Minnesota Leather Pride is asking the community to vote on the theme for 2015. At the November Events Committee meeting, attendees reviewed over 20 submissions and narrowed the list down to four to present to the community. The four themes are:

  • Feel the Beat
  • Serving With Pride
  • Walk in Her Boots
  • American Leather Story

Voting will take place online via SurveyMonkey at and in person at events and will conclude at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, December 15. You can vote more than once.

The online survey also includes a few other questions to help provide Minnesota Leather Pride with feedback as we plan for 2015 with optional comment boxes for respondents to share more details about their perspectives.

You will also have the opportunity to vote on the theme at several events where board members will be available to tally your vote. Board members will be present at:

Board members will also be present at some club/group meetings during this time to collect votes. 

Once voting has concluded and been tallied on December 16, the winning theme will be anounced! Minnesota Leather Pride will then immediately begin taking submissions for a design for the 2015 dog tags. All submissions will be reviewed at the January 5 meeting (3 weeks from the close of voting) and the board will select the final design at that time. More details about how to submit dog tag designs will be announced at the same time as the winning theme.

Happy voting!

With a new year on the horizon, it is time for us to start thinking about the theme for Minnesota Leather Pride in 2015!

As we have done in past years, the Events Committee is asking the community for suggestions for a theme for 2015. The committee will review all the possibilities submitted at the November Events Committee Meeting and narrow the choices down to three or four (3-4) options. These options will then be presented to the community at events and online during November and December for individuals to vote on the theme they like best. 

The results of the voting will be revealed at the January Board Meeting and our theme for 2015 will be officially annouced. 

So, brainstorm! Then send us your ideas for a 2015 theme. Ideas should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Proposed themes must be submitted by noon on Monday, November 3 in order to presented and reviewed at the November Meeting. 

Past Minnesota Leather Pride Themes:

2014: Fly Your Flag
2013: Perfect Union, Coming Together
2012: Back to Basics
2011: It Gets Better
2010: Think Leather
2009: The United Colors of Leather
2008: Tie The Knot
2007: Hot Zone
2006: 100% Leather
2005: Spark Your Future
2004: United in Spirit
2003: Liberate Leather
2002: Past Present Future
2001: A Pride Odyssey
2000: Marching Into the Millennium
1999: Got Leather Pride
1998: NO THEME: dogtag was state with pride colors
1997: NO THEME: Black & White (silver tag) Leather Flag