Minnesota Leather Pride was proud to present the third annual Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend contest, March 31 - April 2, 2017. Contestants competed for the titles of Ms Minnesota Leather Pride, Minnesota Leather Sir, and Minnesota Leather boy.

We want to thank The Saloon, LUSH, and the eagleBolt Bar for hosting events during the weekend.


Contest News

2017 Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend Draws Large Crowd, Sashes Three New Titleholders

Wow! What an amazing weekend! On behalf of the entire Weekend Planning Committee congratulations to 2017 Minnesota Leather Sir Dylan Dwiyn, Minnesota Leather boy Pugsley Michael Urness and Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride Mikayla Victoria Stanek!

A giant thank you to all of our contestants for participating and contributing to the amazing success of the weekend! Genevieve Allen, Rylee Ray Prettyman and Dick Salami, we are so thrilled you participated and we are all eagerly anticipating the next steps of your journey!

We had a tremendous production staff that kept the night running smoothly. Huge thanks to our Tally Masters Randy Ingram-Lile and L Russell Waisanen who managed a whirlwind of score sheets and tabulated all the scores. In addition, we extend our gratitude to Stage Manager Robert Smith (Bobbie), Den Parents Vicki King and David Coral along with Den Girl Rhaki, and Judges Boy Justin Anderson (boy Sassy).

Our 2017 Judges Panel included Sir Ivan E Nunez, Justin Woodington, Alexandra Gray, boy Jake, Tony Mayes, Bootblack Marta and Syn Oldroyd Palmer. We are so thankful that you served with honor and distinction!

Thank you to our outgoing titleholders 2016 Minnesota Leather Sir Roman Keller, 2016 Minnesota Leather boy Kole Durant and 2016 Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride Angie Dwiyn! You served with dedication and service to your community and we have been honored to have you represent Minnesota Leather Pride for the last year!

And to our many volunteers who worked their tails off all weekend long to produce a wonderful weekend, thank you for all that you did! Volunteer Coordinator Justin Woodington put together a crew that knocked our socks off!

We are so fortunate to have the generous support of our sponsors, including Lush, the Saloon, Eagle-Bolt Bar, Everett Allen Photography, Twin Cities Leather & Latte and Lavender magazine.                                 

Thank you to the board of directors of Minnesota Leather Pride, and its President Charles Chaz, for their support and assistance throughout the last year.

And, lastly, to the 2017 weekend planning committee Andrew Bertke, Holly Kraft, Rileigh Hündchen, Cameron Powell and Gunnar Hayes, thank you for working tirelessly and for meeting every other Sunday morning for months on end, overcoming all kinds of challenges! I am honored and privileged to know and work with each of you!

Yours in Leather,
Bruizer Hündchen
Chair, 2017 MNLP Weekend Planning Committee

Announcing the 2017 Judges

The Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend committee is proad to annouce our judges for the 2017 contest.

Sir Ivan

International Leather Sir 2016 - Sir Ivan

Sir Ivan is International LeatherSIR 2016, Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2016 and Minnesota LeatherSIR 2015.

Sir Ivan's leather and kink life started in 2007 after attending his first Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, where he was feeling turned on by the experience.

He is an active player and enjoys a wide range of kink interests but gray is his favorite hanky color. He is passionate about mentoring boys, educating on BDSM and discussing power exchange, polyamory, leather families, and protocols.

Sir Ivan is very involved in the Twin Cities leather and kink scenes. He's a member of the Titans of the Midwest and North Star Kennel Club. He leads the Minneapolis BLUF club and is a co-founder of Minneapolis Rubbermen.

Born in Venezuela, Sir Ivan has lived in Minneapolis since 1983. One of his ongoing goals is to increase participation and visibility of people of color in the leather and kink scenes.

He has been with his husband for 30 years and their leather family includes four boys.

2016 Women's International Leather Legacy Syn

2016 Women's International Leather Legacy Syn

Originally from Seattle WA, Syn has been a member of the kink community for nine years. For the last three she has called Minnesota home. Charter member of the Twin Cities girls of Leather, Syn serves as their President. She can often be found out at Atons events and with the Twin Cities boys of Leather. When not having kinky good times she is a moderator for the MN Rufflebutts, a club for Lolita Fashion enthusiasts. Syn loves scary movies, books, and long walks through Sephora. She is your 2016 Women's International Leather Legacy.

Tony Mayes

Tony Mayes

Tony is a queer identified switch-Daddy who lives in Tulsa, OK, where he's been active in the local & regional Leather/Kink community since 2007. He currently serves as Education Liaison for the IMsL Foundation, and is an Alumni member of the Tulsa Uniform & Leather Seekers Association (T.U.L.S.A.).

He has had the privilege of judging, tallying, judges-boy'ing, and den-staffing at numerous Leather events, and helped produce the Oklahoma Mr. Leather contest weekend from 2008-2014. Tony was awarded the Pantheon of Leather award for the South Central region in 2015, and is a member of Mama's Family (Mama's Half-Pint).

Tony is a lover of cats, bootblacks (one in particular), and facilitating shenanigans for friends & family. He enjoys traveling to Leather/kink events across the country, awkwardly flirting with people along the way.

Bootblack Marta

Bootblack Marta

Since entering Indianapolis community in 2007, finding leather in 2011, and beginning bootblacking in 2012, Marta has worked to build relationships nationwide!

She traveled as Indiana Bootblack 2014, Great Lakes Bootblack 2014, and First Runner-Up International Ms. Bootblack 2015.

Some of her most fulfilling experiences include co-founding Indianapolis Bootblacks' Laboratory skillshare; joining the IML contestant shine team; judging and storytelling at Smut Slam Indianapolis; receiving 2016's Pantheon of Leather Great Lakes Regional award; and bootblacking for Indianapolis Kink Society, CLAW, Indianapolis' High Shine IMsBB documentary fundraiser, and the 30th anniversary of her home bar, the 501 Eagle, prior to its closing.

Aptly named "Mama's Panty Dropper," Marta is a queer femme, Girl, top-leaning Switch, piglet, relationship anarchist and power slut who centers her spouse, Daddy, Handler, and siblings within her poly constellation.

Boy Jake

International Leatherboy 2016 - Boy Jake

boy jake is the current International Leatherboy and South Central Leatherboy.

He began his leather journey in Saint Petersburg, FL. His first experience in BDSM was with a female dom who flogged him, not only his first time, but also several subsequent times.

Growing in the Florida Leather Community, Jake became Secretary of the Tampa Leather Club and was on the Advisory Board for Florida Leather Fetish Pride.

Jake moved from Florida to Dallas several years ago where has continued to his growth. He is now a member of Discipline Corps and H.O.M.E. He also serves as President of the Lone Star boys of Leather, an organization he founded last year.

One of his greatest passions is mentoring boys. When not serving the Leather Community, you can find boy jake tending to his estate liquidation business, caring for Leather as a Bootblack, or tied up somewhere.

Ms Iowa Leather 2017 - Alexandra St.James

Ms Iowa Leather 2017 - Alexandra St.James

Kinkster, Social Maven, Diva and Royal are fun ways to describe our next judge!
Joining us from the great state of Iowa is Ms Iowa Leather 2017, Alexandra St.James.

Lexi is no stranger to the stage at Kink events, an Emcee, an Entertainer and now a JUDGE! Get ready to have fun.

Great Lakes Leatherboy 2016 - Boy Woody

Great Lakes Leatherboy 2016 - Boy Woody

Boy Woody is originally born and raised in San Diego. He moved to Minnesota after attending college in Idaho for ASL Interpretation.

He had his first BDSM experience when he was 18, with a Daddy from San Diego. He was first exposed to Leather when he was interpreting for Pridefest in Milwaukee. He was the interpreter for the Leather fashion show and from then on out he was hooked.

He truly started his Leather journey with a Sir from St. Paul. He was taught many things from Him including boot worship and rope bondage.

He was later approached by his current Sir, Sir Ivan in the winter of 2014 at the Minneapolis Eagle. He was honored to be collared by Him on June 28th 2015. He is honored to be by His side and be named the alpha Boy of the family.

Expanding Inclusiveness in 2017

This year we are pleased to announce that in an effort to expand our inclusiveness and serve the needs of our entire community, we have removed all government-ID gender requirements for all of our title contests. So long as a person self-identifies as a Sir they are welcome to compete for the Sir title, if they identify as a boy they may compete for the boy title and likewise as long as they identify as a leatherwoman they are welcome to compete for Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride.

Weekend committee chair, Bruizer Hündchen, said “We are so thrilled to take these steps to make our contests amongst the most inclusive and welcoming in the country and we are pleased to stand with our brothers and sisters of all genders and orientations as we do our part combat discrimination and bigotry in our world today.”

Weekend Schedule

Friday, March 31, 2017

Meet & Greet
Friday, 6 pm - @ LUSH
Come and meet the contestants, judges, and all of your fellow MNLPW attendees. Take a chance on some exciting raffle prizes! Entertainment by Nocturna Lee Mission, Maxi, Samantha Fox, and more!

Cigar Social
Friday, 9 pm -@ LUSH
The Twin Cities girls of Leather and the Atons of Minneapolis invite you to the patio at Lush to enjoy a cigar and shot of bourbon. $10 tickets for a cigar and shot. Of course, you don't need to smoke to enjoy the nice evening on Lush's fine patio.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Contestant Interview
Saturday, 11 am - 2 pm @ Private Location for judges and contestants only
While you are getting an education at Kink U, the judges will be getting to know the contestants better

Kink U Classes
Saturday, 11 am - 1 pm @ eagleBolt Bar
The Titans of the Midwest bring you more courses towards your degree in kink!
11:00 am: Biting 101
12:00 pm: Panel Discussion: Being A Switch

Puppy/Trainer Class
Saturday, 1 pm - 2 pm  @ eagleBolt Bar
Presented by North Star Kennel Club, whether you need training in agility or obedience, this class is a great place to start or continue your puppy and trainer education.

Puppy Mosh 
Saturday, 2 pm - 5 pm @ eagleBolt Bar
Presented by North Star Kennel Club after class, the pups and trainers are going to hang out for some fun time on the mat.

2017 MNLP Weekend Contest
Saturday, 7 pm - 10 pm @ Saloon
This is the main event! We have a fun night of entertainment planned for everyone as we celebrate our Minnesota leather family.

Victory Party
Saturday, 10 pm @ Saloon
Hang out at the Saloon after the contest as we all celebrate the new title holders.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Victory Brunch
Sunday, 11 am - 2 pm @ Lush
Requires Ticket - Purchase Here

Join us late Sunday morning (because no one is getting up early for breakfast!) as we congratulate the new titles holders and spend a little more time with our extended leather family before they travel home.

Follow our Facebook event page for up-to-date news and to see who else is attending.

Purchase Victory Brunch Tickets at Lush

Host Hotel

Hampton Inn & Suites Minneapolis Downtown!

There are two ways to book your room for Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend:

Book your room online

Group Name: Minnesota Leather Pride 2017
Group Code: CHHMLP
Check-in: 31-MAR-2017
Check-out: 02-APR-2017

Or call 612-341-3333 and press option 1 for reservations. Reference Minnesota Leather Pride

Included in Rate:
Hot breakfast buffet included
Wireless Internet is included

Parking in Downtown Minneapolis

Information about parking ramps, rates, can be found on the City of Minneapolis Parking information page.